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 5/0 Light Brown

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5/0 Light Brown

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Kleral Ammonia Free Professional Milk Color
Our exclusive permanent ammonia free professional hair color Kleral Milk Color. 
Technology:  Ammonia free permanent professional hair color, wheat protein and natural base formula for shine and moisture.
Benefits:  100% gray hair coverage, 30 fashionable color shades, lighting power 2-3 tones, shiner hair in good condition, colors can be changed easily, environmentally friendly, no toxic odor in salon, no ammonia fumes to inhaled, great for pregnant mums, allergy sufferers, hairdressers, healthier for your clients and healthier for you.

Application:  Ammonia free professional Milk Color is to be used with stabilized hydrogen peroxide (liquid or cream), ratio 1: 2
On natural or dyed hair: ½ tube (50ml/1.75oz) Milk Color + 100ml/3.5oz 20 Volume peroxide
Do not wash hair, brush hair thoroughly to remove residue of fixative agents.
During color application combing hair assure evenly color distribution.
Setting time:  approximately 25/35 minutes.   At the end wet the hair with a little warm water and froth up the color mixture gently combing hair.  Wait few seconds and rinse.
To further enhance the bleaching potential use stabilized hydrogen peroxide at 30 or 40 Volume in cream.
On de-colored hair:  recommended stabilized hydrogen peroxide 20 Volume, recommended 9, 10 series shades.
Milk Color ½ tube (50ml/1.75oz) +100 ml/3.5oz 20 Volume peroxide (for hair that has been strongly de-colored, further dilute the cream if nessecary.
Setting time:  varies generally between 15 and 25 minutes according to hair permeability.
During color application or at the end follow the same instruction as for natural or dyed hair.
Tone on tone use Milk Activator Volume 7 (2.1%)

FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY!  Kleral Milk Color is designed to be used exclusively by licensed cosmetologists.

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